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What is the MetaVerse, Web 3?
WTF are NFTs!?

The terms MetaVerse and Web 3 are used interchangeably.

Web 1 was read only, go to a site and read what was on the site.

Web 2 allows us to go to a web page and read/write. Think of visiting a Social media site and having the ability to interact.

Web 3 in addition to read/write, Web 3 will introduce ownership and participation. Ownership – owning virtual property inside the Web 3, an example of participation is gaming.

WTF are NFT’s!?

NFT’s are basically digital collectibles. What makes an NFT an NFT is the digital code embedded in the art that shows ownership in the digital world via Web 3.

NFT’s come in many forms; video clips, artwork, digitally created pieces as well as photography.

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My Personal Photography

These are photos that I have taken in different countries and states over the years. There is a variety of subject matter. New photos are being added regularly. Enjoy!